Who are we?

We are local group of animal rescuers and dog lovers who specialize in the rescue and adoption of Bull Dogs.

Our center in San Diego, California operates as a sanctuary of safety and refuge for these amazing dogs. Our mission is to connect Bull Dogs to new owners who can provide them the forever homes they so desperately need.

We are a Non-Profit Organization

We are non-profit, which means that our key motivation is in our hearts: We love animals, and we believe that those who have been abandoned or surrendered deserve a better chance at life. Our group of volunteers works tirelessly, day and night, trying to match Bull Dogs to lovers of the breed just like you. We will not rest until loving, new owners have adopted the last of our rescues.

As a non-profit we would like to acknowledge a few places that help keep our site running, and help us to rescube Bull Dogs. These companies include the local petco, the startup company SellMax and the San Diego Humane Society.

Why Bull Dogs: 3 interesting facts

Adorable & non-predictable

As adorable as they are, Bull Dogs are not as predictable in behavior as the traditional house dog. For example, Bull Dogs have congenital health issues that are treatable, but require that owners understand their dog’s signs of discomfort, or danger, that may arise when owning one of these great dogs.

Bull Dogs do snore loud

Another issue with Bull Dogs is that owners who are not familiar with the breed, or who may just assume that the breed is common, will not be able to address issues such as temperature needs and the tendency for Bull Dogs to snore loud (which is too funny) and slobber. All of these things are minor, but better understood by true lovers of the breed.

Bull Dogs are also stubborn

Bull Dogs are also stubborn in a hilarious way. They have a way of doing things on their own that owners may find curious. Still, dog lovers who are willing to appreciate the different personality of a Bull Dog versus another breed will be able to know how to spend awesome, unforgettable moments where they can share and get closer as a pet family.

The best thing about Bull Dogs

Perhaps one of the best qualities of Bull Dogs is their territorial, guarding nature. Once they recognize you as their pet parent, you become the center of their world. Nobody else matters, but you. You may have to introduce your friends to your new pet, but it will all be worth it: your pet will be your friend for life; a loyal, interesting pal that will bring you lots of smiles.

Come by and check them out!

Come visit us on location in San Diego, and come check these handsome and gorgeous Bull Dogs. They sure will appreciate your visit, and we are sure that you will want to take one of these lovely creatures to your home!

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